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Monday, April 11, 2005

4D Ultrasound Take 2

It's Monday and time for another fetal photo shoot. I think we woke Kate up with all the poking and moving, but luckily she was in much better spirits. Or maybe she figured out we wouldn't give up until she cooperated. Little did she know that we are as stubborn as she is.

These should be the last pictures we have of her until we meet her face to face in August. Only 14 weeks to go!

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New Password

I will soon be installing a new password protector into Kate’s Blog. I will try to e-mail all of my regular visitors that I know of to tell them my new password. If you somehow did not receive an e-mail or would like to continue viewing Kate’s page (as I hope you will!) I would love to send you the password. Just e-mail me at This new feature is not meant to keep fellow bloggers and mommies from viewing this page, simply to keep web surfers using goggle and other search engines from view our private information and pictures. I’m sorry if this is causing any inconvenience. Thank you for reading and I hope this new safety feature will not keep you from returning.

Friday, April 08, 2005

4D Ultrasound Gallery

Today was the big 4D ultrasound day. Not only would we be verifying that Kate was indeed a Kate, but we would also get really cool 3D pictures of our little bundle of joy to share with family and friends. It seems that Kate already has a mind and opinion of her own.
The good news is that Kate is a Kate. The bad news is that Kate was in a shy, sleepy mood and did very little to cooperate with her fetal glamour shots shoot. The session was supposed to last for about 30 minutes. We were there for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Hopefully, silly puppets and Andrew's funny faces will work in our favor once she's out of the womb. In the meantime, we tried everything, from drinking a can of Mountain Dew and promising her ice cream later, to laying on each side to move her around and a room full of office staff cheering her on. In the end she was face down and completely disregarding any of our persuasion. As you can see from the few pictures that we got, there's either a hand, a foot or two of each in front if her face. Maybe she's meant to be a celebrity and just working on her paparazzi pose.
There is more good news addition to camera shy Kate working against us, so was the technology (go figure!). Because we came home with fewer than what we paid for and they have us going back on Monday for more. Our CD of stills did not include the images you see posted in black and white. Luckily we got printouts of those but the sepia digital images are much better quality. Also the 4D ultrasound (video) turned out blank because of some mistake.
We're definitely hoping that Kate is a bit more photogenic on Monday during the re-shoot session.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

4D Ultrasound Scheduled

We've scheduled another ultrasound -- this time it will be a "4D ultrasound". The 4D ultrasound is actually a high quality 3D video.

We will be getting more advanced photos of Kate and a video, which will post here, so stay tuned.

GE 4D Ultrasound

It's a GIRL!

We're very proud to introduce you to Kate Miriam Hayes.
Yes, today was the big day. Not only would we know that everything was happy and healthy for our little baby, but we would also find out if we would be parents to a beautiful baby boy or baby girl. Apparently, the men in the family were in on the secret because they (Andrew's dad, my dad and Andrew) all guessed girl. The women, on the other hand, were completely off. We (my mom, my mimi and me) had all guessed boy.Anyway, the ultrasound technician confirmed what my husband and the other men knew in their guts to be true....we are having a GIRL! And we couldn't be anymore excited.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005


I am just loving Target's Liz Lange collection of maternity clothes.

Boy or Girl? Won't Be Long Now!

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It won't be long now before we know whether we're having a Kate or a Samuel! We had our hearts set on finding out at the 5-month appointment but apparently the baby already has a mind of it's own. He/She was in a shy sleepy mood and refused to cooperate. He/She had his/her legs clamped shut and wouldn’t let us have a peek. But hopefully this upcoming visit is the one! I can't wait because I'm getting tired of typing he/she and his/her every time! From now on, we'll be visiting the doctor every 2 weeks instead of just monthly.

According to my pregnancy calendar, now is a good time to register for childbirth preparations

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Update On Me

These pregnancy hormones have been doing a number on me! The capillaries under my skin on my face have increase, causing me to look flushed. This is sometimes referred to as the "glow" that pregnant women are thought to have about them. My hair seems to have gotten thinker and taken on a little curl. During the 18th week I first felt my uterus just under my navel and I've gained about 12 lb now. As my uterus expands, I am getting pain in my abdomen, groin area, and thighs. I know, I know...too much information! Not all of this is pretty :)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pregnant Belly

I feel like I totally ballooned in no time! 2 weeks ago I could kind of sleep on my stomach, now I can't even sleep even close to a stomach position! This belly has grown so much in just the past week and a half I am actually stunned! I am not complaining, mind you, just in awe. I am actually quite pleased that I now very much look pregnant and not just on the verge of 'fat' it's quite comforting. What's also very much reassuring is the fact that this baby kicks me and kicks me until there is no tomorrow! It's nice to know he makes his presence known.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Camera Shy

I thought we would be able to find out the sex of the baby today but the little one didn't cooperate. However, we were reassured that everything is as it should be. So I'll probably find out at next months check up. It's probably for the best since we aren't sure if we want to know yet. We better decided soon because our doctor will not give an ultrasound for the specific purpose of finding out the sex because of the danger of routine ultrasound exposure during pregnancy